Make your stay more quality.
We have fully equipped facilities to make your stay comfortable.
Please forget about time and relax like the wind.
The entrance to a high-quality resort that takes advantage of Japanese charm.
From here, the leisurely "Aura Time" begins.

Information inside the facility

Cafe & Bar 「GROVE」

Cafe & Bar 「GROVE」

Have a moment to soothe your soul in a comfortable space...
At cafe time, we offer a variety of coffee drinks made with high-quality beans. During bar time, enjoy hundreds of types of cocktails and hard liquors such as single malt whisky. Spend your time as you like in a relaxed atmosphere with jazz music playing.
Sky terrace

Sky terrace

You will be impressed by the panoramic view from the highest altitude in Hakone Yumoto.
Enjoy the view from Aura Tachibana's Sky Terrace, located at the highest point in Hakone Yumoto. During the warmer months, you can also enjoy the beer garden (irregular).
Aroma massage

Aroma massage

A relaxing time to relax your mind and body...
<How to make a reservation>
Advance reservations can be made by calling the hotel. If you have arrived at the hotel, please contact the front desk using an extension phone. Reservations are accepted until 19:00 on the day of the event.

Basic body course (40 minutes 9,500 yen [tax included])Full body course (60 minutes 12,000 yen [tax included])Basic body course plus face and head course (60 minutes 13,800 yen [tax included]

<Time>15:00-23:00 *However, we are closed on Wednesdays.

-Please note that this service cannot be used by male travelers alone or in male groups.
-Since the therapist will be traveling from outside, it may not be possible to make a reservation.
-Please note that we do not allow pregnant women to receive treatment.
-The treatment will be performed in your room.
Gift shop

Gift shop

We sell carefully selected products.
In addition to welcome drinks and tea and sweets, we also offer the amenities provided in the Wind House, as well as the popular double glass glasses in the dining room.
[Business hours] 8:00-Check-out, Check-in-20:00


Lobby with a high-quality atmosphere that takes advantage of Japanese tastes
The zeolite contained in pale green Oya stone emits negative ions and far infrared rays. The rich gold of Porter's Paint sways on the water surface with a soft light, doubling the healing effect. From here, the leisurely "Aura Time" begins.
Conference room

Conference room

Our hotel has meeting rooms available.
[Regarding the use of the conference room]
-Usage fee: 11,000 yen (tax included) for up to 2 hours (550 yen (tax included) for 1 hour extension)
-Usage time: There are no particular restrictions.
-Number of users: Up to 50 people.
-Free provision: water, wet towels, whiteboard, free Wi-Fi.
-Paid offer: 500 yen per cup of coffee (excluding tax).
-Others: Projectors, screens, etc. may be brought in.
Banquet hall

Banquet hall

Maximum capacity is 50 people. Available for banquets and meetings
Easy access from Tokyo
Only 85 minutes from Shinjuku to the historic and bustling gateway to Hakone.